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What you get from this course!

Diet Plan Designed to Optimize Gut Health
Gut Health Videos
Cooking Demo Videos
Gut Healthy Recipes
Weekly Resource Handouts
Support Extras:
Two 20 Min Phone Consultations with me (before course and mid-course check-in)
Email support throughout 8 week program and 1 week after
"Carley provided my husband and I with lifelong learning, sustainable eating, and easy cooking habits through her training. She has changed our lives for the better! We are eating healthier and making healthier choices than ever before. She was teaching us about the importance of gut health BEFORE it became well known. She was correct when she shared that research years ago, there is more and more evidence that what we eat highly impacts our body and mind. Carley shares current research and practical ways to incorporate that into today's busy world."
Kathy H.